Tiny Breaker Circuit

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Technical Data

Shield Tiny MCB Are Available In Ratings 6A-32A in Sp,Dp Executions.

Specification Shield Mcb
Type ‘B’    ‘C’
Standard conformity IS/IEC60898-1
Rated Current (In) 6-32/A
Rated Voltage AC 240V
Utilization category -
Rated frequency (Hz) 50Hz
No. of pole (Execution) SP & DP
Rated short circuit breaking capacity 3K
Rated insulation voltage 660V
Magnetic release setting B-(3-5) In C-(5-10)In
Rated impulse voltage 6kV
Electrical / Mechanical life <32A >32A 30000
Ambient temperature -5 C to +55 C
Mounting Clip on din rail
Degree of protection (Finger touch safe) IP20
Resistance to shock 40mm free fall